Council gets serious about mosquito control
  • Wednesday 06 April 2011

Sunshine Coast Council is upping the ante in its war against mosquitoes.

At council’s Ordinary Meeting today the status of the mosquito control program for the current financial year was examined.

Of the 27 recommended actions introduced following an internal review of the control program in the 2008/2009 financial year, 15 have been completed and 12 have commenced.

Service Delivery Portfolio Councillor Paul Tatton said the mosquito control program was on track to meet its objectives with a strong focus on reducing mosquito breeding and disease transmission.

"In the last two years, council introduced a number of important actions to ensure we deliver a highly efficient and effective mosquito control program for the community," he said.

"We have since completed 15 of these actions with the remaining 12 well underway.

"Some of the new work we have undertaken includes upskilling our staff to increase their knowledge, along with a freshwater mosquito breeding research project in the hinterland region and a new plant and new equipment asset register and replacement program."

Cr Tatton said council was committed to continuing delivery of its current mosquito control program as well as investigating research and technology for new ways to tackle the pests.

"The lower numbers of mosquito breeding in the 2010/2011 mosquito season indicated that our program is working well," he said.

"However the prolonged wet conditions this season may have also contributed to a reduction in mosquito breeding particularly throughout various saltmarsh habitats across the Coast."

"While we are making headway through the program, there is more that needs to be done in our region.

"Council is continuing to promote self-protection methods for residents so they too can help reduce mosquito numbers and the potential health risks they pose.

"Simple steps like checking potential breeding sites like roof guttering and ensuring rainwater tanks are well maintained and placing sand around pot plant bases can have a significant impact.

"You can also protect yourself from diseases spread by mosquitoes by taking precautions such as spraying low light areas before dusk, securing door and window screens, wearing protective clothing outdoors and using a mosquito repellent."

The current operating budget for the mosquito control program including all costs is $1,332,649 per year.

For further information about the mosquito control program, visit council’s website.