Council funding makes a positive difference in the community
  • Thursday 09 December 2010

Sunshine Coast Council yesterday endorsed the recommendations for the first round of major grant applications for the Community Grants Program for the 2010/2011 financial year, providing funding totalling $621,938 for 84 projects.

Council also endorsed the first round of the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant allocations for this financial year to 18 applications totalling $107,470.60.

Community Policy and Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the grants program was a strategic investment tool assisting the community in the delivery of great projects.

"The program has been embraced by Sunshine Coast communities with grants keenly sought by a broad range of community organisations," she said.

"The program enables council to administer, through good governance and transparency, the distribution of grant funding to community organisations.

"The provision of financial support stimulates a range of diverse and dynamic projects, producing valuable outcomes which encourage engagement and participation in the community."

Cr McKay said the September 2010 grant round marked the first time that applications were completed and submitted online, using council’s new automated grants management system.

"The new online application system was introduced to make the grant application process easier for the public, to enhance efficiency and reduce negative environmental impacts," she said.

This round of major grants of the program closed on 15 September 2010. The 2010/2011 budget provides funds for two major funding rounds.

Promotion was extensive throughout the region for both the Community Grants Program and the RADF.

RADF supports cultural activity through the professional development and employment of arts and cultural workers in regional Queensland. The development fund is a partnership between state government, through Arts Queensland, and the Sunshine Coast Council.

Cr McKay said the RADF projects endorsed for funding were excellent in quality and diversity, and would employ a broad range of artists engaging in valuable cultural activity across the region.

"The projects include a range of developmental workshops across theatre, music and traditional artisan skills. Innovative oral history projects, experimental programs with artworks, sound, light projection and literature also form some very exciting programs for the Sunshine Coast arts community," she said.

Following council’s endorsement yesterday, successful applicants for both funding programs will now be notified. Unsuccessful applicants who did not meet the grant criteria, or were not funded due to lack of available funds, will be provided with feedback by the assessment panels on areas of the project or application that may be improved.

Funding will be distributed throughout December 2010 and early in 2011.

The next round of council’s major grants for the Community Grants Program and RADF close on 15 March 2011.