Council cuts through red tape to clean up graffiti
  • Monday 16 July 2012

Graffiti is unsightly and costly to clean but it’s becoming less of a problem locally thanks to a cooperative partnership.

Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said an agreement between Sunshine Coast Council, Energex and the Department of Transport and Main Roads had led to a significant decline in graffiti incidents.

"Three years ago council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DTMR and Energex that allowed our officers to rapidly respond to incidents of graffiti on infrastructure or locations managed by either of those agencies," she said.

"This has allowed council to clean up incidents of graffiti more promptly rather than waste time determining whose property the graffiti sits on and who is responsible for removing it.

"In incidents where council cleans up graffiti that has occurred on Energex or DTMR infrastructure or property, the agency responsible for the ownership is responsible for the cleanup costs."

Cr McKay said the rapid response system had led to a significant reduction in graffiti incidents.

"The last financial year saw a $93,937 spending reduction on graffiti removal from the previous financial year on council owned or operated infrastructure," she said.

"Similar spending reductions have also been reported by the DTMR and Energex.

"It is important to note that this reduction is not due to a reduction in service, it is a reduction in the need for services due to council’s actions in responding rapidly to graffiti."

"Having this ability to respond rapidly to incidents of graffiti has also deterred offenders because when they see their ‘work’ being cleaned up quickly they decide the effort isn’t worth it."

"Of course the biggest positive to come from all this is that we're helping to reduce the amount of graffiti that appears in our local communities which is great for everyone on the Sunshine Coast."