Council contracts deliver $15m boost to Coast economy
  • Wednesday 23 September 2009

The Sunshine Coast Council has awarded more that $11m worth of contracts for projects across the region since its 2009/10 Budget was handed down, with a further $4m of projects currently out for tender.

Mayor Bob Abbot said the $15m in contracts for July and August comprises just a small part of council’s $250m annual capital works program – and the benefits it brings to the region.

“The contracts and tenders that council puts out to the wider community provide a major boost to business, employment and to the economy across the Sunshine Coast,’’ Cr Abbot said.

Some of the major contracts recently awarded include:

  • Asphalt and bitumen resurfacing contract: $4.7m
  • Design and construction of a cycle and pedestrian bridge at Hilton Terrace, Tewantin: $1.4m
  • Sunshine Coast Airport civil works: $1m and
  • Mooloolaba Esplanade streetscape and landscape works Stage 3: $948,000.

Council’s Ordinary meeting last week received a report referred from the Service Delivery Committee which outlined more that $250m worth of projects to be delivered across the region this financial year through council’s Capital Works Program.

The program includes more than $180m in the Roads, Drainage, Parks, and Buildings capital works projects plus a further $72m of projects for Sunshine Coast Water.

Cr Abbot said the report provided council with an excellent snapshot of the status of capital works projects currently being rolled out across the region.

“This is the first of a suite of Capital Summary Reports which will become a regular monthly report identifying the key issues and successes with the delivery of the Capital Works Program for both Sunshine Coast Water and Infrastructure Services.

“It provides a good outline for council and, even more importantly, it informs our community about some of the really significant projects that council is delivering on their behalf.

“By including the contracts and tenders that are going out to the private sector, the report also helps show how council is supporting the region’s businesses and helping to boost employment across the Coast.”

Cr Abbot said estimates for last financial year show that council’s Infrastructure Services department contracted out a total of almost $58m in projects to the private sector, through either direct contracts or through the use of panels of providers and local materials and services providers.

“That’s a big injection to the region’s economy – and today’s snapshot of our current situation is a good indication that this financial year we will see similar positive results for the Sunshine Coast.”