Council backs a strong rural future
  • Wednesday 05 November 2008

To plan a strong rural future for the region, the Sunshine Coast Council Regional Strategy and Planning Committee today indicated its support of a submission to the State Government on the Draft Rural Futures Strategy for South East Queensland.

Council’s submission, which promotes triple bottom line objectives for the 89% of the Sunshine Coast designated as ‘rural’ or ‘rural living, was referred to the full council at next weeks General Committee for discussion.

The submission reiterates council’s valuing of rural areas for both the rural and urban community alike, promotes rural economic growth and opportunity and advocates protection of the environmental and social values of rural land and areas.

Division 9 Councillor and Chair of the Regional Strategy and Planning Committee, Vivien Griffin, said developing a Sunshine Coast Rural Futures Strategy in partnership with rural stakeholders was a high priority for Council and something she hoped would begin soon.

“The Sunshine Coast is at a huge competitive advantage when it comes to addressing climate change and energy transition, and that directly benefits our rural areas,” Cr Griffin said.

“Council’s submission recognises this could mean developing more local food production and promoting solar thermal energy sources, as well as addressing the challenges of increased fuel and fertiliser costs which affect us all at the supermarket checkout.

“Fortunately we don’t need to reinvent the wheel but can draw knowledge from similar initiatives in NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia as a catalyst for good strategic planning for the Coast’s rural future.”

The Committee also nominated Cr Vivien Griffin to represent Council on the South East Queensland Rural Futures Committee.

The report will now be considered for approval at the General Committee to be held on Monday 10 November at the Nambour Office.