Council approves 10 year capital plan
  • Wednesday 06 April 2011

Sunshine Coast Council has approved its first 10 year capital works program – a $1.25 billion dollar investment in the region’s future.

At a special budget meeting Council endorsed the program, which will guide capital works for the next decade.

Financial Management and Business Portfolio Councillor Chris Thompson said it is an important building block in maintaining Council’s financial sustainability.

"This is about working together to meet existing and future infrastructure demands for the whole region," Councillor Thompson said.

"The ten year program is aligned with the long term financial forecast and Financial Sustainability Plan to ensure funding is available to support the projects.

"This approach also provides clarity and alignment with council strategies and policies."

The 10 year program enhances the five year program to give the community a clearer direction about the region’s future.

Asset Management and Work Portfolio Councillor Ted Hungerford said many of our assets are built to last for decades, and this longer term view provides for improved management of those assets.

"It provides greater opportunity to consult, scope, plan and deliver projects over multiple years and also creates potential for economies of scale in procurement.

"While it’s a long term plan, it’s still flexible as the program is reviewed annually."