Council and land owners reach agreement on Palmview
  • Wednesday 08 September 2010

Sunshine Coast Council and local land owners have come to an "in principal" agreement on the Draft Palmview Structure Plan and the infrastructure agreement.

The agreement, which requires the signatures of all parties, can now be signed and sent with the structure plan to the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning before the 17 September 2010 deadline.

Mayor Bob Abbot said that throughout the Palmview Structure Plan process council has worked towards achieving a sustainable outcome for the 926 ha parcel of Palmview land.

“Last month, council was granted extra time to continue negotiations with the land owners, state government and other relevant public sector entities to ensure adequate infrastructure is in place before development starts,” Cr Abbot said.

“We have now reached an agreement which has allowed us to stay in line with the community wishes that infrastructure is in place, before or in conjunction with development.”

Mayor Abbot said council has worked hard with all stakeholders to deliver excellent planning outcomes for the people of the Sunshine Coast.

“In partnership with the land owners and the community, we will deliver a plan for Palmview that incorporates excellence in urban design, future public transport and a mix of housing options for affordable living,” Cr Abbot said.

“Our priority has been and continues to be delivering the best possible outcome for this region with well-planned, well-serviced sustainable communities where residents can live, learn, work and play.

“I thank the community for their submissions and support on the Palmview Structure Plan, and council’s leadership in sustainable planning demonstrates that significant outcomes for our region can be achieved.”

The submissions report will be made available to all Palmview Structure Plan submitters within 10 days of the documents being sent to the Minister.