Council warns—please don’t tamper with turtle nests
  • Wednesday 11 February 2015
turtle hatchlings emerging through fox predation mesh

Following three incidences of turtle nest tampering this week, Council is urging residents to please leave the mesh covering turtle nests alone—it is essential in protecting nests from foxes.

Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said there are still around 35 nests to emerge on Coast beaches from Buddina to Bribie Island.

“The mesh is pegged down and tagged with a TurtleCare label and phone number so we’re unsure why people are removing it,” Cr McKay said.

“The construction mesh prevents predation by foxes and dogs, while still allowing hatchlings to emerge naturally. The mesh is of a sufficient gauge that hatchlings can emerge easily.

“There are only 500 nesting females in eastern Australia and the Sunshine Coast population continues to be vital to the long term survival of this species.

“One of the biggest threats to loggerhead hatchlings is the introduced European red fox and to a lesser extent, from unrestrained dogs on nesting beaches.”

It’s important that members of the public do not dig into turtle nests, and allow hatchlings to naturally emerge.

If you see anyone tampering with a turtle nest, please report it to Council’s TurtleCare 0437 559 067.