Free residential parking permits to be trialled in Birtinya
  • Thursday 20 April 2017

Birtinya residents will be able to apply for two free parking permits during a six-month trial to better understand the impacts the newly opened Sunshine Coast University Hospital may have on parking in the residential area.

The trial, which will start June 1, was approved by council at its Ordinary Meeting today (April 20) and is restricted to residential properties in the Birtinya Regulated Parking Area (BRPA).

During the trial, council will temporarily waive the parking permit application fee for residents in the BRPA and the local law requirement for permits only to be issued to vehicles registered to the address, allowing residents to obtain one permit for visitor use.

Divisional councillor Peter Cox said council had been working with the Birtinya community to address their local parking concerns.

“The hospital has only just opened its doors and the residential area is still being developed. These factors make it difficult to judge the impacts the new hospital will have on parking in residential streets in the area,” Cr Cox said.

“This trial will help us better understand those impacts.

“At the end of the trial, council will assess the findings and if more data is required, a further six-month trial may be considered.

“The addition of a free resident permit and a visitor parking permit should help local residents while we gather some solid parking impact data.

“However it’s important to understand the parking permits do not guarantee a street park will be available.”

Council will be closely monitor compliance during the trial to ensure permits are not being on-sold or defaced. Non-compliance will be reviewed by a panel and will be included in the final report to council.