Cotton Tree gets Ping Pong Pop Art
  • Friday 01 August 2014

Cotton Tree’s popular outdoor ping pong tables have received a coat of retro colour with the appearance of a pop art mural by local artist Gerrard King.

Division 8 Councillor Jason OPray said the Council-funded vibrant artwork complemented the recently completed outdoor ping pong project, which was the first of its kind on the Sunshine Coast.

“The mural has added colour and interest to this wonderful popular community recreation facility within the park,” Cr OPray said.

“I am sure the ping pong tables will continue to be well used by visitors and locals alike.”

Sunshine Coast Council commissioned James Birrell Design Lab as the curator for the public artwork.

James Birrell said artist Gerrard King had created a high-contrast pop art mural that celebrated the ping pong tables while adding another layer of contemporary art to the urban fabric of Cotton Tree and Maroochydore.

“Never boring, always engaging, Gerrard’s paintings combine traditional, modern, and hard-edge techniques with inimitable verve,” Mr Birrell said.

Maroochy River full-time artist Gerrard King said it was a great opportunity to be chosen to complete the urban artwork.

“My concept of using mouths, brushstrokes and bees, is meant to mimic the frenetic energy and noise of such a fast-paced sport," Mr King said.

"With the recent resurgence of all things retro, creating a pop art piece seemed natural.

“It is a popular space and it is fantastic that Council has been progressive in commissioning this pop mural artwork.

“This is my second artwork in this locality – I also completed the Gold Finger street artwork in Duporth Avenue.”

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