Confidence building across the Sunshine Coast
  • Tuesday 24 March 2015
house under construction

Development on the Sunshine Coast continues to show a strong upward trend with $1.07 billion in building applications approved by Sunshine Coast Council in 2014.

Sunshine Coast Council today published its 2014 Development Indicators annual highlights report, presenting a selection of statistics on activity in the local development market.

Strategic Planning Portfolio Councillor Christian Dickson said the report confirmed the growing optimism of this industry sector with the value of building approvals increasing by 35% compared to approvals issued in 2013.

“This is the highest value of building approvals since amalgamation of the Maroochy and Caloundra councils,” Cr Dickson said.

“Council is working toward a sustainable economy for a population forecast to grow by more than 50% over the next 15 to 20 years.

“The long-term trends illustrate that, since the downturn from 2008 to 2012, development activity has stabilised and is now showing positive signs of growth

“A steady and sustainable increase in development will help meet the infrastructure needs of a growing population, stimulate our local and regional economies and provide jobs, both during and after construction."

Of the $1.07 billion in building approvals during 2014, $537 million was for approved new dwellings, representing a 64% increase on 2013 figures.

Council recorded an 80% increase in lots created through the plan sealing process, with 2200 lots created in 2014 compared to 1219 lots created in 2013.

Free prelodgement meetings increased by 100% with 300 meetings completed in 2014 compared to an annual average of 130 meetings between 2009 and 2012.

Prelodgement meetings provide customers with an opportunity to clarify questions and requirements prior to lodging a development application.

Andrew Stevens, Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Sunshine Coast Branch President, said the UDIA commended the Council for publishing the Sunshine Coast Development Indicators reports.

“These reports provide a clear and concise snapshot of the status of the development industry on the Sunshine Coast,” Mr Stevens said.

“All trends show a strongly recovering market and reinforce the confidence that is currently driving the development industry.

“The reports are a powerful tool for promoting continued economic growth, assisting to deliver a sustainable economic future for the next generation."

More detailed Development Indicators Reports are available quarterly through Council’s website.


2014 Building Approvals

  • $1.07 billion building approvals
  • $537 million approved new dwellings (64% increase)
  • $384 million approved other buildings
  • $149 million approved new multiple unit dwellings

2014 Development Inquiries

  • 30,000 development inquiries received
  • 26,042 phone inquiries
  • 2763 counter inquiries
  • 718 email inquiries

2014 Total applications received

  • 11,000 applications received (compared to 9353 in 2013)

2014 Lots approved and creation

  • 1450 lots approved through reconfiguration (compared to 702 in 2013)
  • 2200 lots created through plan sealing (compared to 1219 in 2013)