Community to have a say on proposed planning scheme amendments
  • Friday 23 September 2016

Sunshine Coast Council will undertake community consultation on proposed amendments to its planning scheme for land at Twin Waters West and Maroochydore Principal Regional Activity Centre.

The council is also proposing to amend its planning scheme relating to a number of other land parcels across the Sunshine Coast to better reflect the existing or desired future use of the land and to address a range of operational matters to improve the clarity and efficiency of the planning scheme.

The proposed Twin Waters West amendment follows consultation with key stakeholder groups regarding the land’s future use and consideration of the concerns and needs of the local community about any proposed development of the land.

It provides for a development outcome more consistent with community expectations compared to the previous development proposal and seeks to preserve the character of the Twin Waters local community.

Divisional councillor Jason O’Pray said the proposed planning parameters were significantly different to that originally submitted by the developer, in terms of reduced density and scale, and were supported by numerous residents’ groups previously opposed to the proposal.

“The proposed planning parameters are in keeping with the residents’ wishes and followed substantial community consultation by the developer,” Cr O’Pray said.

“The Twin Waters Residents’ Association wrote to me and asked me to support this proposed amendment subject to a number of conditions, including road access, pathways and connections, waterways, lot sizes, parks and open space.

“I am pleased to say those conditions have been taken into account in this proposed amendment.

“I would like to emphasise even if an amendment is made to the planning scheme, it does not provide approval for development of the site.

“The developer still needs to submit a development application which will be assessed against the requirements of the planning scheme at that time.”

Planning Portfolio Councillor Christian Dickson said an amendment was also proposed for the Maroochydore Principal Regional Activity Centre (PRAC) in response to legislative changes and the declaration of the Maroochydore City Centre Priority Development Area (PDA) by the Queensland Government. 

“The proposed amendment will simplify and streamline the planning provisions that apply to the part of the Maroochydore PRAC located outside the PDA,” Cr Dickson said.

“An additional major amendment to the planning scheme relates to changes to zoning and overlays on specific land parcels to better reflect the existing or desired future use of the land. 

“The land parcels are located in Beerwah, Bli Bli, Buderim, Cambroon, Coolum, Currimundi, Forest Glen, Maleny, Mapleton, Mudjimba, Nambour, Pelican Waters, Twin Waters and Nambour.

“Full community consultation is required when a planning scheme amendment is proposed.

“The community now has an opportunity to make submissions and all feedback will be considered as required under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

The proposed planning scheme amendment can be viewed on council’s website at or, or in person at any Sunshine Coast Council office at Maroochydore, Nambour and Caloundra from Monday, September 26.

Submissions should be received no later than 4.30pm on Monday, November 7 2016.



 Steps of Process


Step 1. Council decides to make an amendment to the planning scheme.


Step 2. Council supplies a copy of the proposed amendment to the Minister, requesting formal review of State Interests.


Step 3. Minister reviews proposed amendment in conjunction with State Agencies


Step 4. Minister advises of State requirements for the proposed amendment. Council makes any changes to proposed amendment as necessary to accommodate State interests. Minister approves proposed amendment for public notification with or without conditions


Step 5. Council publicly notifies proposed amendment for a minimum of 30 business days


Step 6. Council considers all properly made submissions on the proposed amendment, making changes to the amendment if necessary


Step 7. Council decides whether to proceed with the proposed amendment


Step 8. If proceeding with proposed amendment, Council supplies proposed amendment to the Minister seeking permission for adoption


Step 9. Minister decides whether Council may adopt the proposed amendment and whether any new conditions may apply


Step 10. Council decides whether to adopt the proposed amendment


Step 11. Council decision announced. If proposed amendment adopted, a revised version of the planning scheme commences incorporating the adopted amendment

Simplified flowchart for major planning scheme amendment process under statutory guideline 16/16: making and amending local planning instruments.