Community helps plan region’s future
  • Thursday 20 December 2012

Sunshine Coast Council received more than 2500 formal submissions during public display of its draft planning scheme which ended on Friday 14 December.

Manager of Strategic Planning, Raul Weychardt, said that he was impressed with the level of engagement achieved during the eight week community consultation campaign.

“Over the past eight weeks, we have met and spoken with around 5000 residents and ratepayers as well as a wide representation of community and industry groups, to discuss the draft planning scheme in detail.

“We knew that people were interested in the draft plan but engagement is a two way process, so to receive such a high number of formal submissions is very welcome,” Mr Weychardt said.

“Through this process, the Sunshine Coast community is actively working with council to ensure that the new planning scheme reflects the future needs and desires for not only the wider region but for our local neighborhoods as well.

As the next step in the process, planning staff will review all properly made submissions.

In early 2013, council will consider a report outlining the issues raised in each submission and any recommended changes to the draft planning scheme.

Council anticipates that it will adopt the new Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme in mid to late 2013, subject to state government approval.

Consultation and receipt of properly made submissions on the Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme are now closed.