Community will be consulted on Maroochy River entrance works
  • Wednesday 25 January 2017
Cotton Tree

The Sunshine Coast community has been assured they will be consulted on any proposed works at the Maroochy River entrance which are designed to protect the Cotton Tree precinct from erosion.

A report at today’s (Jan 25) Sunshine Coast Council Ordinary Meeting investigated options to replace the geotextile groynes which are coming to the end of their 20 year life.

Mayor Mark Jamieson successfully moved that further analysis of economic, tourism, social and environmental impacts of the Maroochy Coastal Infrastructure upgrade, including retaining the geofabric bags at the Maroochy River entrance, needed be undertaken.

The Mayor’s recommendation was supported unanimously.

Council also agreed with the Mayor’s recommendation that community engagement on the available options would be undertaken to inform any future recommendations to council.

“The Cotton Tree precinct is a major tourist hub and our community makes great use of this groyne,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“While overall and ongoing cost is an extremely important consideration, council also needs to take into account the impacts all available options have on our economy, our tourism, our community, our environment and our cultural heritage.

 “Once we have that analysis, our community will be better informed when we undertake community consultation prior to council making any decision.”

The council also supported the Maroochydore Beach Renourishment program being included for consideration during the 2017/18 budget deliberations.

The Maroochydore Beach Renourishment Program was completed in 2016 and involved about 225,000 cubic metres of sand being relocated from the lower Maroochy River to Maroochydore Beach.

An independent review of the project found that there was an overall net benefit to the beach system as a result of the works.

The program will cost council an estimated $1 million every two years.