Committee rejects retirement village proposal
  • Thursday 25 September 2008

A recommendation to refuse a residential aged care facility at Murdering Creek Road, Weyba Downs, gained the support of councillors at the Sunshine Coast Council’s Strategy and Planning Committee meeting today.

Council planning staff recommended refusal of the development, which would have been in conflict with Council’s Planning Scheme and the SEQ Regional Plan.

The proposed development was over land zoned for rural purposes, outside of the Urban Footprint. The proposal required referral to the State Government Department of Infrastructure and Planning where it was also determined that it should be refused.

Division 9 Councillor and Chair of the Strategy and Planning Committee, Vivien Griffin, said she agreed with the recommendation.

“It is essential that Council sticks to its Planning Scheme and the boundaries of the SEQ Regional Plan for urban development,” Cr Griffin said.

“The planning scheme is Council’s social contract with its community regarding the type and location of development they can expect in their community. Only under exceptional circumstances should Council consider departing from these requirements.”

Regional Director of Regional Strategy and Planning, Warren Bunker, said it will now be up to the full Council at its Ordinary meeting next week to finalise the future of the proposal.

“Because the development was proposed for land which falls outside of the Urban Footprint Council was obligated to refer it to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning. The Department, which assesses the need and public interest in such cases, directed Council to refuse the application,” Mr Bunker said.

“Council’s own assessment also recommended refusal on similar grounds and more significantly, because of its conflict with the planning scheme.

“Lack of infrastructure and public transport, isolation from essential community and commercial facilities, flooding and stormwater management on the site and the potential impact of the development on adjoining wetlands and Doonan Creek were all identified as being in conflict with the scheme.”

The Ordinary Meeting will be held on Thursday 2 October at Council’s Tewantin office.