Coast businesses to Speed It Up
  • Thursday 04 June 2015

Sunshine Coast Council has tackled the issue of businesses having access to high quality, competitively priced broadband by launching the Speed It Up campaign with Regional Development Australia – Sunshine Coast.

Connected to the new Sunshine Coast Digital Plan, Speed It Up includes an Australian first – a Carrier Coverage map which will greatly assist businesses when they are deciding which telecommunications company to sign up with for their broadband needs.

“Businesses are increasingly reliant on high quality broadband to service their customer and supplier networks,” Mayor Mark Jamieson said at the Speed It Up launch.

“It is a must to remain competitive and grow in the modern business world.

“Unfortunately, and frustratingly, there is a gap between what businesses on the Sunshine Coast need today and the options that are available to them.

“It was important to Council that we are part of the solution to these issues and help out our large, and very important, business community.”

Mayor Jamieson said the feedback Council received following the release of the draft Digital Plan last year was clear - the lack of digital infrastructure was the No.1 concern of respondents.

“While the National Broadband Network with its faster broadband speeds is beginning to be rolled out across the region, for many there is an urgent need to resolve their broadband issues now,” he said.

“There is a clear need to increase the availability of competitively priced broadband infrastructure in all areas and we need to identify where business grade coverage exists.

“The carriers want to know where the demand is to justify making an investment.

“So we are launching the Speed It Up campaign - a two-part project that will force the carriers into greater action and investment.”

In part one, businesses will be asked to provide their contact details in a survey to help build and show the demand that exists for carrier investment.

The second part is a Carrier Coverage map which achieves an Australian first.

Competing carrier coverage in the one location appears on an independent platform to help inform businesses on what is available and who provides the right offering for their broadband needs.

“Before signing a lease or buying a property, businesses will be better placed to identify the availability and cost of quality broadband coverage,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“There is still a long way to go – but as the ninth largest population centre in Australia, and as we begin the journey to building a new city centre as well as provide support to the massive new hospital project here in Kawana, it is essential we have effective broadband services to offer the many existing – and the many new – businesses who are here or are arriving to be part of our growing New Economy.

“We now have three telecommunications companies who have provided their business grade broadband connectivity coverage to the Digital Sunshine Coast site to help business make an informed decision based on availability to customers on the Coast.

“We have other carriers looking to add their services and we will refine and improve the map as we go.”

The information provided on the Carrier Coverage map comes directly from the telecommunications providers who were asked to provide one type of technology solution that would best meet the needs of the business community.

The Carrier Coverage map and Speed It Up survey can be found at