Certificates could ramp up our young health workforce
  • Thursday 28 August 2014

Mayor Mark Jamieson today addressed the Future Workforce Recruitment and Skilling Forum at the Institute of Professional Learning Centre.

The forum, organised by The Health and Community Services Workforce Council, was designed to inform health industry employers of a certificate three qualification for Year 11 students who undertake study and 100 hours of work placement across two years, with the intention of leading to entry-level employment.

“This is a pilot program and relies on health industry employers signing up to it,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“If it receives enough support today, it will allow The Workforce Council to apply for funding from DETE to cover the costs associated with training this group of Sunshine Coast high school students in what is a unique approach in Queensland.

“The health and wellbeing industry is one of the seven high-value industries identified in the Regional Economic Development Strategy – and it is already the most developed of the seven.

“It is imperative we start to develop a skilled workforce for that industry to meet future demand, and I am here today to encourage health industry employers to back this scheme.”

The certificate, which aligns with more than 30 qualifications, from health cleaning through to enrolled nursing – could prove to be a very significant step in preparing many young people on the Sunshine Coast for a future career in a rapidly growing industry.

“Coincidentally but significantly, if Year 11 students are able to start this program in 2015, they will qualify just as the new Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital is scheduled to open its doors in late 2016,” Mayor Jamieson said.