Cameras at the ready for council competition
  • Tuesday 03 August 2010

Cameras will start flashing across the Coast today as residents try to capture what they want the region to look like in 20 years for council’s Zooming into 2030 competition.

To enter residents need to take a picture or create an image that shows what they’d like the Coast to look like in 2030 and then provide a caption that explains that vision. Captions must start with the words, ‘In 2030 I hope that…’

Zooming into 2030 is an important part of creating the Sunshine Coast Community Plan and many of the images and captions will be used as illustrations to make the plan more representative of the community’s vision.

Mayor Bob Abbot set the ball rolling by sharing his own personal hopes for 2030.

“My caption is ‘In 2030 I hope that the fish are still biting for my grandkids’,” Cr Abbot said.

“I love the Sunshine Coast and I love fishing, so my hope is that our environment is still healthy enough in 2030 to provide a decent catch for my grandkids.

“But it’s not about me, it’s about every resident and really finding out what the people on the Coast hope 2030 will look like.

“Others may want to see better public transport, better facilities for youth, more people, less people…it’s entirely personal and it’s about finding out what the community wants.

“This competition is a great way for residents to show council what they want and it offers a different way to do that for people of all ages.

“We’re always asking people to tell us what they want; this time we want them to show us.”

Images must be accompanied by a caption, no more than 25 words, starting with, ‘In 2030 I hope that…’

There are three categories for entry, 13 and under, 14 – 21 and open. $2000 in prizes will be awarded across the three categories with an overall Mayoral prize of $1000.

Prizes will be awarded as vouchers to be used in three shopping centres across the Coast, ensuring the prize money stays local.

The deadline for submissions is 5 pm 17 September 2010 and further information about Zooming into 2030 and the community plan is available on council’s website.

The community will choose the winners in three categories at a community conference in October.