Building a strong, safe and inclusive community
  • Friday 12 December 2014

Sunshine Coast Council today adopted the Community Safety and Public Space Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) policies to guide future decision making to enhance community safety.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said Council was committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community and visitors to the region.

“Our ratepayers would expect Council to have an involvement in community safety across the region. The adoption of policy documents today outlines that role for Council,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“However we acknowledge the Queensland Police Service is the lead government agency in crime prevention and Council recognises community safety is a shared responsibility by all levels of government.

“Greater community safety can be achieved by working together with key organisations and taking joint responsibility and pooling resources.

“These policies have been developed in response to Council’s Corporate Plan 2014-2019 and the identified priority to provide safe and healthy communities by planning, partnering and supporting the community.”

Mayor Jamieson said with an increase in requests for community safety initiatives, it had been necessary for Council to clearly define its role and management processes in both of these areas.

“The CCTV Policy provides Council with direction on the formation and management of Council’s Closed Circuit Television system,” he said.

“This policy provides a structure for ensuring future requests for CCTV in public spaces are managed and assessed fairly and in line with the appropriate legislation.

“While Council acknowledges that CCTV can play a role in community safety,  particularly as a surveillance tool involved in solving crime , any future additions to our CCTV network need to be considered carefully.

“The State and Federal Governments provide capital funds for the initial installation of CCTV systems however these grants do not cover the maintenance, replacement and operational costs.

“It is therefore imperative that future installations are deemed as absolutely necessary as there is a significant cost to the ratepayer in operating these systems.

“Council also calls on other levels of government to fund the ongoing and replacement costs.

“Aside from the infrastructure itself, legislation surrounding privacy, footage retrieval and data management ensure that there is a further human resource cost associated with managing our CCTV network.

“By adopting these two policies, Council is clearly stating that CCTV is just one of a suite of mechanisms that can be used to improve community safety and is not always the appropriate response.

“The appropriate planning and design of our public spaces, strong community partnerships and ongoing support of initiatives such as the CALM Liquor Accords and the State Government’s Safe Night Out Strategy are just some other ways in which we are working to build a safer Sunshine Coast.

“An identified priority for Council will be to establish a Community Safety Plan to provide an overview of Council’s direction and detailed actions on how Council will contribute towards a safer community.”

Visit Council’s website for more information on community safety programs and resources.