Brisbane Road Car Park Redevelopment goes to tender stage
  • Tuesday 16 February 2016
Brisbane Road car park

The Brisbane Road Car Park Redevelopment at Mooloolaba will now go to tender stage following the completion of an Expression of Interest process.

Sunshine Coast Council has evaluated the Expressions of Interest and the higher ranked respondents were given the opportunity to present to a council officer-evaluation panel and specialist technical staff in the presence of a council-appointed probity advisor.

Following these presentations, Abacus Investments Pty Ltd and Jesob Group Pty Ltd will be invited to submit a tender for council’s consideration.

Respondents were evaluated on their capability, experience and profile of similar developments; proposing a sustainable development which will provide 500 public car parking spaces; alignment with the Sunshine Coast Council vision – vibrant, green, diverse; and the proposal’s benefits to the Sunshine Coast region.

Sunshine Coast Council CEO Michael Whittaker said improved parking in Mooloolaba was fundamental to help revitalise the area and provide a positive experience for locals, business owners and their staff and tourists.

“The Brisbane Road car park site is owned by council and is a significant development site,” Mr Whittaker said.

“As identified in the recent Mooloolaba Visioning project, the car park site has the potential to catalyse new development opportunities as part of a suite of exciting initiatives for Mooloolaba.

“Improving the car parking in Mooloolaba and reactivating the beachfront was one of the strongest and most consistent messages received during the community consultation.

“While it is likely the spaces will be delivered across a range of prospective sites, the Brisbane Road Car Park site is the only council-controlled site which will make a significant contribution to increase parking numbers.”

Mr Whittaker said the Brisbane Road Car Park site provided 176 car parks and council proposed that, regardless of the future redevelopment uses of the site, it should accommodate a minimum of 500 public car spaces exclusive of any onsite generated parking requirements.

“The multi-storey car park will provide much-needed additional parking for this popular community and tourism precinct,” Mr Whittaker said.

“Positioning the majority of car parking behind the esplanade allows for better use of beachfront land.

“The need to better use this beachfront area was also a common theme voiced by the community during the Mooloolaba Visioning project.

“The Brisbane Road car park supports beachfront activation by providing part of the car parking solution.

“Additional parking will encourage people to visit Mooloolaba and patronise the businesses. This will contribute to revitalising the precinct.

“If the project includes public facilities and shops, in addition to parking, it will further contribute to revitalising the area.”

It is envisaged council will make a decision on awarding a tender mid-2016.