Bridging the gap in Caloundra
  • Friday 20 January 2012

Safer and more picturesque travels will soon be on the cards for pedestrians in Caloundra.

Sunshine Coast Council is set to start work on construction of two new pedestrian bridges that will link Golden Beach to Caloundra as part of the Coastal Pathway.

Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer said when complete the bridges would enable pedestrians a more enjoyable journey to and from the Caloundra CBD.

"Pedestrians currently have to detour along busy Bowman Road and Landsborough Parade to reach Golden Beach from the CBD," he said.

"These new bridges will change that route by taking pedestrian traffic down Tripcony Lane, beside the Coast Guard and across to Leach Park which will offer beautiful views across the Pumicestone Passage."

Cr Dwyer said both timber bridges would be three metres wide and match the look of similar pedestrian bridges that feature on the Sunshine Coast’s 96km Coastal Pathway.

"Construction will start on Monday 23 January and weather permitting we expect to have them completed by April," he said.

"As part of these works, council will also construct pathway links to and from both bridges and these are expected to be complete in time for the opening of the bridges."