Brakes on around Brightwater
  • Wednesday 04 March 2015
Cr Christian Dickson and Neil Dougherty inspect speed signs at Brightwater

Navigating around the thriving community of Brightwater is now a drive in the park following a recent review and upgrade of local road signage.

Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said installation of community facility name signs at several entry points to the estate as well as a reduction in the number of different speed zones was initiated by local residents.

“The review was requested by the Brightwater Community Association Inc to assist motorists with directions around the estate, to reduce speeding by through traffic and to improve pedestrian safety in and around this vibrant new community,” Cr Dickson said.

Neil Dougherty, President of the Brightwater Community Association said he was pleased with the outcome the Association was able negotiate through Cr Dickson.

“The community facility signs will be a great boost, helping to guide people directly to our retail centre and the school,” Mr Dougherty said.

“Speeding by through traffic was becoming a real hazard, particularly between Bundilla Boulevard and Kawana Way on to Birtinya, so our residents are pleased with the lower 50km per hour speed limit along Brightwater Boulevard and additional speed signs located along the main thoroughfares.

“The original shared zone around the shopping centre and adjacent park also wasn’t working as well as it should. This is a busy area and the new 40km per hour speed limit in this area provides uniformity of speed signage throughout the estate and helps improve safety for both pedestrians and motorists.

“There were a few steps involved to make this happen but I am really pleased with what we have achieved—it is now much safer and easier to get around in our fantastic Brightwater community,” Mr Dougherty said.

“You can quickly find your way to the shopping centre and school and only have to remember the speed zones are 50 kilometres per hour along Brightwater Boulevard, Manatunga Parade and Attenuata Drive and 40 kilometres per hour elsewhere!”