Boasting broadband advances
  • Thursday 10 May 2012

The cost of broadband is likely to halve at the same time as its capacity doubles, former Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett said today.

As opening speaker at the 2012 Sunshine Coast Business Expo, Mr Bartlett, an IT expert in his own right, said the Sunshine Coast’s tourism industry needs, like many other core industries here, to ensure it does not get left behind.?

Mr Bartlett now tours regional communities throughout Australia, advising on the benefits of high-speed broadband technology being delivered by the National Broadband Network (NBN), which was rolled out in Tasmania early on due to that state’s readiness to embrace it.

He cited the case of an international pizza delivery company whose sales have jumped 17% by the marketing of an ordering "app" relying on such high-speed broadband delivery; also a case?where a fund-raising initiative raised more than $1million overnight simply by presenting the idea to an appropriate internet audience.

Sunshine Coast Council’s Broadband and Digital Economy Manager, Michael Whereat said Mr Bartlett’s talk was "inspirational".

"Mr Bartlett was able to describe the applications of high-speed broadband use in a variety of fascinating ways that hugely expand people’s understanding of its potential," Mr Whereat said.

"His examples have shown that the survival of many so-called traditional industries will depend on their ability to adapt to a completely new business environment which is as much virtual as it is real."

"Fortunately, through our establishment of Broadband Today, council is well-placed to harness the technology and we will continue to work hard in attracting the NBN to this region, and to assisting businesses in adapting to it."