Board appointments for Noosa Biosphere Limited
  • Saturday 25 August 2012

Sunshine Coast Council is pleased to appoint new Directors to the Noosa Biosphere Limited Governance Board.

Division 11 Councillor Russell Green said the appointees are welcome members to the Board.

"A cornerstone principle for Noosa Biosphere Limited is to maximise community participation," Councillor Green said.

"There is a lot of community goodwill and passion harnessed within the board structure of Noosa Biosphere Limited for the management of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

"There are 60 active volunteers across the Governance Board and supporting community sector boards for Cultural, Economic, Environment, Social, Education Research and Development, and Tourism.

"Lindy Atkin and Steve Cooper are two new members on the Governance Board, filling the general community positions.

"They are both well known to the community and bring expert skills and energy to the Board.

"Three representatives from Biosphere Community Sector Boards have been appointed including; Steven Boyd from the Economic Board; Rod Wallbridge from the Social Board; and Neil Tindale from the Education Research and Development Board."

Noosa Biosphere Reserve was the first biosphere region for Queensland designated by UNESCO in 2007.

Councillor Green said Noosa Biosphere Limited Company was established in 2008 to advance the Noosa Biosphere Reserve under the charter of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program.

"The not for profit company is owned by council and provides a framework for council to work in partnership with the community to progress the functions of the Noosa Biosphere," he said.

"The Noosa Biosphere Reserve is an incredible opportunity for the region to promote best practice land and water conservation, sustainable living, sustainable business and sustainable tourism."

Governance Board Chair, Dr Sue Davis said that members of Noosa Biosphere Limited are committed to promoting a balanced relationship between people and nature.

"Our activities include community engagement and education about environmental and cultural conservation and sustainability," Dr Davis said.

"The Noosa Biosphere listing recognises the significant environmental qualities of the area, and the aspirations of this community to live sustainably.

"Biosphere status provides an avenue for raising awareness about how to live, work and play in respectful ways.

"I’m delighted to have the full Board of Directors confirmed so we can continue with the business of raising awareness about our environment and maintaining quality of life for locals and visitors."

Council also endorsed the reappointment of Councillor Green as a Director on the Governance Board for the term of the current council.