Birtinya Island master plan receives council tick of approval test
  • Thursday 23 July 2015
Development image

A 32 hectare development at Birtinya has been recommended for State Government approval by Sunshine Coast Council today.

A range of residential uses and densities, complemented by open space and a commercial area are the foundations of the Birtinya Island Master Plan which includes 325 houses, 426 units and 800sq m for a shop, local store, and restaurant or food outlet.

About 1.7ha of open space will include two neighbourhood parks, one precinct park and a series of finger/linear parks.

Three kayak launch points at Lake Kawana are also part of the master plan and there will be a network of pedestrian and cycle paths, including the continuation of a waterfront walkway around the lake.

Small lots (180sq m) are in close proximity to the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital.

Of the 321 detached allotments, 163 are proposed for terrace housing (51% of the detached housing product). An additional 30 allotments will be less than 300sq m in area.

The remaining development includes 128 allotments larger than 300sq m.

Planning Portfolio councillor Christian Dickson said incorporating the required infrastructure was a priority during the planning process.

“To achieve this level of density requires a collaborative approach and a stringent master planning process between Council and the developer, Stockland,” Cr Dickson said.

“The team has worked diligently with the developer to ensure the character we love about the Sunshine Coast has been included.

“Everything from driveway locations, setbacks, on-street indented car parking, street tree planting, water and sewer infrastructure and stormwater drainage have been planned for incorporation on the road reserves.

“There is no doubt this was a challenge for the master planners and council has learnt from the past and achieved a better reflection of the Sunshine Coast character and amenity with this master plan.”

Divisional councillor Peter Cox said an emphasis on break-out spaces and a wider north-south central spine parallel to Birtinya Blvd had been included in the master plan to create character.

“The proposed terrace housing is located along the central spine to create a boulevard-like effect,” Cr Cox said.

“The terrace housing will largely be accessed via a rear laneway to improve design outcomes. Council officers have worked with the master developer to introduce a number of smaller open spaces to provide breakout spaces for those residents.

“They’ll also improve the amenity for residents and provide visual relief from higher intensity development.”

Cr Cox said providing on-street car parking spaces was another priority throughout the master planning process.

“Council has achieved 200 on-street car parking spaces rather than the 184 which would have been the outcome under the planning scheme,” Cr Cox said.

“All detached dwellings will have two on site spaces.

“Council has also achieved higher on-site parking requirements for units.”

To reduce reliance on cars, the development includes an extensive pedestrian and cycle network.

The waterfront will be fully walkable and will connect with other pathways to the health hub and future town centre.