Beerwah set to come of age with $3.5 million funding package
  • Friday 01 July 2011

Sunshine Coast Council will spend $3.5 million over the next four years to help establish Beerwah as an important centre for business in the region.

Division 1 Councillor Anna Grosskruetz joined members of the GlassHouse Country Chamber of Commerce today to announce the funding for the Beerwah Master Plan which will give Beerwah its own unique identity.

"Today’s announcement of $3.5million dollars, which will be programmed into council's budget over the next four years, will cement Beerwah as a major business centre for the hinterland," Cr Grosskreutz said.

"The project will start in the new financial year, which is tomorrow, with the first stage being an engagement program.

"The program will seek business and community ideas for measures which will reflect both the history the Beerwah township and our vision for its future.

"The look and feel of the main streets are particularly important as will be the open space areas – the place where people gather as a community.

Cr. Grosskreutz a lot of hard work had already taken place to build the profile of Beerwah as a major centre.

"I’ve been working alongside the State Government to help resolve traffic problems. The completion of the $70 million dollar open level crossing project and by pass roads was a coup which opened the townships main streets.

"That breath of fresh air has helped to ease the congestion which inhibited people from entering the town, stopping and shopping in the centre.

"Now, with the easing of the traffic problems it is time for Beerwah to come of age.

"Today’s announcement is council’s commitment to investing in Beerwah - specifically the placemaking component which will not only refresh and to brighten up the centre but also give it its own particular identity."

A new entrance statement into the township near the traffic Lights on Steve Irwin Way is soon to be installed and will be part of the early phase of the placemaking project. The phase will also look into other signage connecting motorists and visitors to the town centre.