Be the first to blaze the Cooroora Trail
  • Saturday 29 November 2008

If you love the great outdoors start the day with a free breakfast and be among the first to bike, walk or ride your horse along the new Cooroora Trail when it opens to the public on Sunday 30 November.

The Cooroora Trail Opening starts at 7.00am at the Noosa Showgrounds, Exhibition Street, Pomona.

Trailblazers will leave in stages, mountain bikers at 8.15am, horse riders at 8.30am and those walking at approximately 8.35am.

The 10km Cooroora Trail links the towns of Pomona and Cooran, extending the Noosa Trail Network to 95km of maintained trails throughout the Noosa hinterland, but unlike some other sections of the network the Cooroora Trail is relatively flat!

A free shuttle bus will run between 9.30am and 1.30pm returning you to your car at the Noosa Showgrounds, Pomona.

If you would like to ride but need a bike, bikes are available for free for the morning from Noosa Bike Hire, however bookings are essential phone 5474 3322.