Bats disperse from Cassia Corridor again
  • Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Cassia Wildlife Corridor in Coolum is once again flying fox free following another round of dispersal actions.

Sunshine Coast Council carried out a second series of non-lethal dispersal actions from July 14-17 at the request of the local community.

Division 9 Councillor Stephen Robinson said there were currently no flying foxes within the corridor as a result of the recent activity.

“Around 800 to 1000 flying foxes had returned to the camp since the first round of dispersal actions ended in late May – which was around 40% of the original population,” Cr Robinson said.

“At the request of local residents, council performed more dispersal actions a fortnight ago and this has again achieved a positive result with all flying foxes leaving the roost.

“For the well-being of residents ,I hope that flying foxes won’t return to the corridor or that we will see a further reduction in numbers that do return.

“Of course with any dispersal action involving flying foxes there are no guarantees of long term success and no further actions will be possible for a number of months due to flying fox breeding cycle.”

Council continues to monitor flying fox populations at the Cassia Wildlife Corridor and other known roost sites within the region to assess the outcome of management actions, including potential relocations to equally unsuitable sites.

A report detailing flying fox management and outcomes over the last 18 months will be presented to council in late 2014.