Australasian Bat Night brings smiles to faces of all ages
  • Monday 30 April 2018

More than 150 wildlife lovers of the Sunshine Coast converged on Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve to take part in the annual Australasian Bat Night event.

The free family-friendly evening provided an exciting and educational experience offering a range of opportunities to learn about our ecosystem superheroes - flying foxes and microbats.

While some children dressed up in their favourite ‘batty’ costume, others opted to join in face painting activities. Those who were more curious got up close with an array of native wildlife during a live display and created some extraordinary arts and crafts inside the “Bat Cave”.

The evening also including a range of educational presentations from wildlife experts, ecologists and authors covering everything from the habits of microbats to the indigenous connections to native flying foxes.

Families finished the evening wrapped in a blanket and relaxing under the stars while watching the local flying fox colony “fly out” followed by an outdoor cinema screening.

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