Summer holidays are here again!
  • Wednesday 06 January 2021

Many visitors to the Sunshine Coast region have special memories of camping holidays, of tents lining the coastal reserves and wonderful sunny days with children playing together in the sand, swimming in the waves and riding their boards in to rest on the soft golden sand.

Building sandcastles is still as popular as ever, with all ages getting involved decorating their sand creations with pretty shells. It is a great time to enjoy some relaxation in the shade by the water, fishing, surfing, reading, eating, drinking and catching up with friends and family.

In the times of our grandparents, and even great-grandparents, camping under canvas during the Christmas holidays was something to look forward to all year.

There was no electricity, but a hurricane lamp provided some light in the evening for cooking and ice from the ice works kept perishable foods cool. After dinner, a hand or two of cards with friends was a popular pastime.

Some families stayed at the seaside for six weeks during the Christmas break. Mum and perhaps an aunt or grandmother minded the children, while dad worked on the farm or in the city and returned to the coast on weekends. Guesthouses, cabins and flats were also available for those who preferred a ‘home away from home’, a little more comfort and less sand between their toes.

In more recent times, apartments with all modern conveniences are well patronised. Over time, improved roads and modern cars have brought the coastal strip and the city limits closer together. Visitors today look for entertainment, more things to do and places to explore. The mountains and the rivers of the hinterland provide another experience to add to holiday memories.

Today, opportunities for simple pleasures and celebrations continue to abound on the Sunshine Coast and for residents and visitors alike they form a special part of the festive and holiday season.

Thanks to Sunshine Coast Council’s Heritage Library Officers for the words and Picture Sunshine Coast for the images.