Backward Glance: Yandina a town with a unique history
  • Wednesday 15 July 2015
Australian Hotel, Stevens Street, Yandina ca 1903

Did you know Yandina is one of the oldest towns on the Sunshine Coast?

The first Europeans to occupy ‘Maroochie’, later known as Yandina, were the Skyring brothers who applied for and were granted leases in 1853 for three cattle runs extending northward from the Maroochy and South Maroochy Rivers. The approach to Yandina over the James Low Bridge identifies an historic place dating from the days when the Brisbane to Gympie Road crossed by a ford in 1868. Timber getters were some of the earliest arrivals in the late 1860’s. Cedar was the first timber taken, but the timbers that sustained the industry until the early part of the 20th century was mostly beech and pine. Prior to rail, logs were rafted down the river to Maroochydore, dragged by bullocks to Mooloolaba and shipped to Brisbane by sea.

In 1870 Yandina was surveyed by Charles Warner making it the first gazetted town in the Maroochy district. It was from the ranks of the early timber getters that the first selectors came. James Low an important businessman operated the timber rafting ground from opposite Dunethin Rock when gold was discovered in Gympie. In 1867 he cleared a dray road from his depot to the goldfields passing through what is now Yandina district. In 1868, legislation was passed allowing land selection in settled districts. Low secured the first selection in Yandina.

In 1868, Cobb and Co delivered the mail by coach to Yandina Receiving Office located at James Low’s selection at the ford of the Maroochy River. On 6 July, 1868 James Low was appointed in charge of the postal depot. He remained in this position until his death in 1883. Christina Low continued on with the postal depot until 1891. Christina was born in Scotland and arrived with her parents in 1848. She had married James Low in 1863 becoming the first European woman to settle on the Sunshine Coast.

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