BACKWARD GLANCE: Easter memories
  • Thursday 01 April 2021

Easter provides the opportunity to get away from the everyday routine with consecutive public holidays and school holidays at a time of year when the temperature drops a little. It was and still is no better time for holidays.

Photographs captured on Picture Sunshine Coast show many South East Queensland families driving to their favourite camping or holiday spot somewhere on the Sunshine Coast, pitching their tent at a campsite or checking into a holiday flat or guesthouse. Recreational pursuits were of a simple kind; like going for a hike or heading to the beach for fishing and swimming. Long beach walks or mountain climbing were not uncommon as the weather became a little cooler.

Sunshine Coast newspaper the Advertiser, 30 March 1977 suggests:

Get away to it all – expounding the virtues of being outdoors over Easter.

There’s Freedom off the Highway -

The game of chance, meeting the unexpected, adds to the enjoyment of regular outdoor pursuits. Anything’s possible, even if your excursion is by car for a picnic in a park. You might get a flat tyre; you might come across a strange species of bird, you might meet someone unexpectedly. Ask a bushwalker or a Sunday camper why he’s out there he is likely to answer ‘because it makes me feel good’. Advertiser, p. 39.

Thanks to Sunshine Coast Council’s Heritage Library Officers for the words and Picture Sunshine Coast for the images.