Backward Glance: Wintry weather on the Sunshine Coast
  • Wednesday 05 August 2015

With temperatures reaching low numbers on the Sunshine Coast recently, we look back to some wintry weather from our region’s past.

The cold snap known as the Antarctic Vortex had the Bureau of Meteorology predicting some of the Coast’s coldest days. Rumour has it that Maleny has had snow at times during cold weather events however Council’s heritage officers have no evidence to support this.

This picture was taken following a large hail storm at Maleny on August 10, 1916. The late I. J. Burgess claimed this winter hail storm left Bald Knob looking like a snowcapped mountain for three days. The hail stones were still present at noon the next day. The picture shows the trees having been denuded of all leaves and an unknown man sits in the driver's seat of a wagon being pulled by a bullock team.

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