Backward Glance: Sport on the Sunshine Coast
  • Wednesday 09 September 2015
Woombye Men’s Cricket Club, ca 1925

Sport has been a popular activity for people on the Sunshine Coast for many years.

Sporting teams and activities became an important physical and social part of life not long after the towns on the Sunshine Coast were settled.

Whether they played to keep fit, watched from the sidelines, participated as committee members, or actively followed their hometown teams, sport became a way for people to relax and meet their friends.

The style of uniforms and the methods of transport we use to watch our favourite teams may be different but the sports that the early settlers participated in are still popular today.

These sporting images highlight a range of sporting activities and the people that enjoyed them throughout the years.

Check out this classic photo taken in 1925 of the Woombye Men’s Cricket Club. Cricket had its beginning in Woombye as a local then district sport, following the arrival of J T Wilson in 1898. A keen cricketer he made a pitch on the Woombye State School grounds.

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