Are you passionate about the great outdoors?
  • Wednesday 07 April 2010

Do you enjoy bushwalking, mountain biking, horse riding or walking the dog in your local area? Then you could provide valuable advice to council as it prepares a Recreation Trail Strategy for the region.

Council is calling on anyone who enjoys the great outdoors to register their interest for workshops that are happening across the region between 15 April and 20 May.

Councillor Debbie Blumel, chair of the Recreation Trail Reference Group, said that recreational trails are an important part of the Coast’s open space network and invites the community to get involved in the development of the strategy.

“Our recreational trails cater to a multitude of local and visiting users—walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers and horse riders—and deliver a range of benefits to our communities and the environment.

“The working groups will provide valuable local knowledge on the region’s recreation tracks and trails, helping council to develop a strategy that recognises the needs of the outdoor community.”

The working groups will provide feedback on:
the accuracy of existing trail maps
whether existing trails cater to the community’s needs
if the location of proposed trails are considered desirable
if any additional trails are required
the trails that are considered to be a high, medium and low priority.

Call 5449 5166 to register your interest.

Visit council’s website for more information.