Arcadia reborn
  • Friday 20 May 2011

Noosa Junction’s central artery, Arcadia Street, is about to be revitalised.

The mainly-pedestrian precinct has been just asking for a re-design into a better meeting place for locals and tourists, as part of a two-year $3 million place making strategy to revitalise the Junction all round. This is in keeping with the overall Noosa Junction Masterplan work that council has been undertaking over the past 18 months.

It will complement the Noosa Transit Centre’s design, at the same time adding to the overall village atmosphere of the Junction.

Divisional councillor, Russell Green, said the first $700,000 stage of the Junction’s renewal will ensure Arcadia begins its transformation into a premier meeting place and presentation space.

"Currently, the layout of Arcadia Street is not encouraging people to spend time there as well as it could," he said.

"We will change the vegetation to allow better sight-lines and make the street feel safer at night.

"New seats, lighting and a softening of the road’s impact will also create a more inviting feel."

Cr Green said council was delivering on its promise to Arcadia’s business operators and the upgrade could additionally attract more interactive businesses, adding further impetus to the street’s vitality.

"The completed result will lend itself well to the space being used in similar ways to Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall," he said.

"For example, there are 27 fashion houses in the Junction – a catwalk could be set up for a unique fashion show."

Work would begin after the winter school holidays and take an estimated 10 weeks, weather permitting, he said.

"It is anticipated that work will start in mid-July, with minimal impact upon the business community," Cr Green said.

"There may be brief closure of Arcadia where it meets Sunshine Beach Road while a raised pedestrian shared zone is installed, otherwise it will be business as usual as much as possible."

Further improvements at the Lanyana Way entrance to Arcadia Street are being considered as part of the remaining $2.3 million for Stage 2 of the Noosa Junction Master Plan.