Another year of action for the Environment Levy
  • Thursday 17 September 2015
Mangrove plantings

Sunshine Coast residents can read a summary of the 2014/15 accomplishments in the annual report, now available on Council’s website.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said Sunshine Coast Council was extremely proud of the Environment Levy program and its annual and ongoing achievements.

“This Council delivers one of the most successful and progressive environmental programs of any local government in Australia,” Cr Jamieson said.

“Guided by our long-term strategic planning tools, the Environment Levy continues to deliver outcomes which assist to protect and enhance our valuable natural assets, which are a critical component of our enviable lifestyle and environment.”

Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the $60 contribution each ratepayer makes to the Environment Levy was invested wisely across the region.

“We are investing in projects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible,” Cr McKay said.

“In the last financial year, $356,000 went towards building our knowledge through projects like the pioneering flying fox tracking project or by using ‘Maya’ the trained border collie to detect koala scats (droppings), the outcomes of which informed aspects of the draft koala conservation plan.

“Through these projects, Council can continue to make the best and most informed decisions on how to manage the Sunshine Coast’s environment.

$1 million went towards getting 12 reserves ready to be part of Council’s conservation network with new access points, fire trail upgrades, bush regeneration and weed control.

“$843,000 went into delivering on-ground environmental projects, like removing weeds in road reserves, rehabilitating coastal dunes and reserves, and restoring waterway vegetation in the Pumicestone Passage and Maroochy River.

“With Environment Levy funds, Council invested $1.4 million on engaging with and supporting 24 Sunshine Coast community groups, 118 private landowners and an army of volunteers in their conservation efforts.

“And $2.1 million was spent on other environmental management activities, including flying fox and pest management, and supporting Council’s environment education facilities.”

Fast facts: 

Buying, protecting and enhancing environmentally significant land

  • 18 kilometres of fire trails maintained in 12 establishment reserves
  • $310,000 for establishment activities across 922 hectares at 12 reserves
  • 18 hectares of bushland regeneration works undertaken within Racemosa Environmental Reserve.

Delivering on-ground environmental projects

  • $85,000 removing woody weeds in road reserves adjourning environmental reserves
  • $140,000 weed removal and native plant establishment at Bells Creek rehabilitation project
  • 8,970 native plants established with the help of the community through the Shoreline Erosion Management Project and the Coastal Dunal Rehabilitation project
  • $95,000 dune building and revegetation works through the Shoreline Erosion Management Project
  • $497,000 for coastal rehabilitation across 120 hectares at 10 coastal reserve areas

Building our knowledge

  • $570,000 for fauna monitoring project across 10 reserves (over 4 years)
  • $115,000 towards Healthy Waterways partnership

Engaging and supporting the Sunshine Coast community

  • $550,000 to 24 not-for-profit groups under the Environment Levy Partnership Program
  • 118 landholders received $341,000 of Landholder Environment Grants
  • 1500 Weedecks produced to upskilling landholder and the community for weed identification
  • 16,600 seedlines were distributed and 110 nest boxes installed through the Land for Wildlife program.