All signs point to better beach safety
  • Friday 03 June 2011

Sunshine Coast beaches will be safer for all users thanks to new signs that number beach accesses sequentially from north to south.

The new beach access number signs are set to be installed by Sunshine Coast Council from 6 June, starting at Teewah Beach in the north. Corporate Planning and Performance portfolio Cr Tim Dwyer said the new signs were designed to save lives.

"Until now there have been three separate numbering systems to identify beach access points across the Sunshine Coast," he said.

"Council is replacing that complex and disjointed system with one consecutive set of beach access numbers that start in the north and run sequentially south.

"Locals will start to see these very impressive and informative signs being installed from next week."

Sunshine Coast Life Saving services co-ordinator for Surf Lifesaving Queensland, Aaron Purchase, said the new uniform beach access numbering signs would help rescue crews in emergency situations.

"Every second is critical for surf life savers and when we’re called on to respond to emergencies," he said.

"This simple and sequential numbering system for beach accesses has the potential to make our task of locating emergency situations on local beaches faster."

Council conducted comprehensive consultation and gained the support and approval for its new beach access numbering system from the following key organisations:

  • Sunshine Coast District Police
  • Queensland Ambulance Service
  • Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (North Coast Region)
  • Emergency Management Queensland
  • Surf Life Saving Queensland

The following organisations have been informed about the change to a new beach access numbering system:

  • Coast care groups
  • Surf clubs
  • Coast guards
  • Visitor information centres
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Relevant government departments

Queensland Ambulance Service (North Coast Region), Paul Shaw said the new beach access numbering system was a change.

"Having a sequential numbering reference system for such a long stretch of coastline is certain to make our job of finding precise locations on beaches a lot easier and faster," he said.

"Every second is crucial in emergency situations and I am confident that this new system will enable us to save time when we are called to beach locations."

UBD and GPS providers have been informed about the new beach access numbering system. Installation of the new signs will start at Teewah Beach (Beach access number 1) in the north, while another council crew will commence installation at Point Cartwright (Beach access number 198). Both crews will work in a southerly direction until all signs are installed.

* copies of the new beach access numbering signs available on request