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    Our aspirations as region shapes a bright future
    • Thursday 01 September 2022
    The community has embraced one of the largest and most successful engagements ever undertaken on the Sunshine Coast, revealing a range of aspirations as the region shapes its future.
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    New planning scheme and customer facing services the focus for Sunshine Coast Council’s new group executive
    • Tuesday 10 May 2022
    From a comprehensive selection process, Sunshine Coast Council has appointed highly credentialed and experienced leader Debra Robinson to the position of Group Executive, Customer Engagement and Planning Services (CEPS).
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    Analysis on preliminary new planning scheme feedback starts
    • Monday 04 April 2022
    Preliminary consultation on proposed planning directions for Sunshine Coast Council’s new planning scheme closed on Thursday (March 31) and feedback will now be analysed ahead of the next stage.
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    Chat to our planners about planning for our region
    • Wednesday 09 March 2022
    Sunshine Coast Council is in the early stages of preparing a new planning scheme which will guide future growth and development and help preserve the things we love about our region. Community members are invited to have a face-to-face chat with Sunshine Coast Council’s New Planning Scheme Project team to learn more about the proposed planning directions for our region and local areas.
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    New group to help shape community input on New Planning Scheme Project
    • Tuesday 31 August 2021
    The CRG will provide input on the best ways to engage with our community on matters such as managing future growth and development as part of the new planning scheme project.
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    Nominations open for community reference group: New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme
    • Monday 31 May 2021
    Nominations are now open for Sunshine Coast Council’s Community Reference Group (CRG), to support the development of the new Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme.
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    Council to begin new Sunshine Coast planning scheme process
    • Thursday 28 January 2021
    In partnership with the community, Sunshine Coast Council will spend the next few years developing a new planning scheme to shape land use and development across the region.