Cleantech company charging ahead
  • Thursday 18 February 2016

From humble beginnings in their home garage, 27 yrs ago  Glasshouse Mountain-based Cleantech business All Energy HQ has powered on to become Australia’s largest distributor of an energy storage system that’s capable of powering households completely ‘off the grid’.

All Energy HQ Owner Ian Hall said the company had ventured overseas to help develop the ‘Energy Hub’ built by the largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer in the world –BYD Samsung.

“Through this experience we have developed the ‘Energy Hub’ which is a lithium-ion battery storage unit that is now available for commercial and residential use and is the most flexible energy storage system on the market today,” he said.

“The  Samsung Battery storage  system has been powering our four bedroom home for more than a year, enabling us to live completely off the grid.

“Energy providers throughout the world are facing the future with great trepidation as they see their monopoly position threatened by technology such as this that we have developed. Thanks to the introduction of battery storage, householders now have the option to disconnect from the grid and be totally self-sufficient

“It is the first time in more than a century that the average householder has the ability to control their own destiny with power production for electricity.

“Arrangements are now being made with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) which is the controlling and administrative body of the Australian solar industry for a training course to be conducted by  ALL Energy HQ at Glasshouse for the endorsed Battery Storage accreditation certificates for Electricians.”

The Cleantech Industry is one of seven high value industries identified by the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy as critical to building a diversified economy for future generations. 

Cleantech Industry Taskforce Chair Mark Leckenby said Energy HQ achievements highlighted the industry’s opportunity for growth on the Sunshine Coast.

“Council’s commitment to this sector means we’re hopeful of our region becoming a major Cleantech hub in the not too distant future and local success stories like Energy HQ are shining examples of the opportunities that exist in this sector,” she said. 

“One of the key actions of the Cleantech Taskforce now and into the future is to collaborate and pool resources on the Sunshine Coast to better support the enormous talent, entrepreneurism and business already in our region.”