Alex community opinion reigns on their Parade
  • Saturday 05 February 2011

The Alex Community Association strongly endorsed Sunshine Coast Council’s plan to beautify the Alexandra Parade precinct at a community meeting last week.

But now come the next tests: getting the money; and getting a tick from the Department of Main Roads.

The plan envisages shade trees planted along the currently barren median strip of the four-lane road as part of a strategy to improve the visual amenity of the area, Division 4 councillor Chris Thompson said.

"It would retain the green open spaces along the foreshore, promote cycling and enhance pedestrian safety, and making it a safer trip across the road to the beach," he said.

The challenge has been to overcome two partly conflicting imperatives: to create a safe and connected sense of place for residents, businesses and visitors to the area; and to ensure that Alexandra Parade remains a through road as described in the State Government’s CoastConnect vision.

Cr Thompson believes the Council plan meets both objectives, but given the flood disasters he believes funding for CoastConnectmay be delayed, as some project funding across the state is diverted towards more urgent infrastructure rebuilding.

"But there are parts of this we can get under way as long as we can get the funding," Cr Thompson said, adding that he was prepared to get the ball rolling by drawing from his divisional discretionary funding.

"We could start improving the landscape along the median strip and we could work on enhancing the foreshore open space.

"We could also start work on entry statements to the precinct through the use of coloured road paving, at the signalised intersections.

"It is vital we further develop the liveability of this precinct. The Alex community has been seeking this for some time now and we need to do what we can while inter-agency approvals and funding issues are attained and resolved."

Artists’ impressions of the proposed design are available on request.