Adoptee stories craft a healing tale
  • Thursday 24 September 2009

What: Local author and artist Victoria Fitzpatrick shares real-life stories from her book Touched by Adoption — Journey toward wholeness
When: Wednesday 7 October, 10.30am
Where: Maroochydore Library, 44 Sixth Avenue, Cotton Tree
Cost: FREE
Contact: Call 5475 8900, bookings essential

Local author and artist Victoria Fitzpatrick will share real-life stories on adoptee secrets, struggles and triumphs from her book Touched by Adoption — Journey toward wholeness, at Maroochydore Library on Wednesday 7 October.

The Bli Bli local compiled the powerful collection of stories from adoptees, tracing their personal journeys from recovering their identities to finding new wholeness in their lives.

The stories are accompanied by a beautifully crafted collection of paintings that depict the emotions behind each story. The works from the award-winning artist were recently displayed at Maroochydore Library.

Victoria knows her subject matter well, having found out at the age of 15 that she was adopted. She has previously said her first thought was how the people she had grown up with, and known and trusted, had kept this secret from her.

She hopes her compilation of stories will offer some degree of relief to other adoptees who discover their family is not their biological one.

The book includes personal accounts from Australian singer David Campbell, Jimmy Barnes’ biological son, and actor Ian Smith, known for his role as Harold Bishop from Neighbours.

Meet Victoria Fitzpatrick on Wednesday 7 October at 10.30am at Maroochydore Library. Call 5475 8900 to book your spot at this free event.