A ripple effect at Noosa Regional Gallery
  • Saturday 07 July 2012

Sunshine Coast Council is proud to present contemporary artist Shona Wilson’s latest exhibition A Ripple Effect at Noosa Regional Gallery until 12 August 2012.

2010 Noosa Regional Gallery Travelling Scholarship winner Shona Wilson explored her theme of microscopic diatoms while travelling through Australia. She also collaborated with scientists from the CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Unit, University of Queensland and Griffith University including a traditional and hi-tech printer and an architect.

Sunshine Coast residents and visitors are encouraged to visit Noosa Regional Gallery to appreciate A Ripple Effect first hand as it is large in scale but delicate and robust due to the materials assembled by the artist.

Ms Wilson’s artwork is made from plastic caps and nylon webbing combined with natural materials she collected as far south as St Helens in Tasmania and as far north as Noosa. Together these pieces create a rhythmic interpretation of the changing nature of diatom structures in response to locations of focus in her research and collaborations.

Noosa Regional Gallery is open free to the public, Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. For further information please call 5449 5340.