A Dream in the making
  • Wednesday 17 September 2014
Mayor Mark Jamieson paints, supervised by artist Kendall

When well-known Buderim artist Kendall suggested Mayor Mark Jamieson help re-create a special painting for charity, the Mayor jumped in straight away.
Kendall, who works with the Bloomhill Cancer Centre in Buderim on frequent occasions, said she had decided to re-create an oil painting she had done, which she did not hang on to for long.
“I sold the piece in Singapore very quickly,” Kendall said.
“I work with Bloomhill a lot, and was trying to think of something unusual I could create as an auction item for Sunday’s Bloomhill fundraiser at Corbould Park, and thought ‘why don’t I get the mayor to help with this project’?”
Mayor Jamieson said he thought the idea was terrific.
“I was delighted to be asked,” he said from Kendall’s Buderim studio.
“I’m thoroughly enjoying this painting experience with Kendall.
“I’ve known her for years. Both of us are from Toowoomba.”
Kendall said the picture was developing as a “happy and alive” piece.
“It’s called Moroccan Dream,” she said.
But what will it fetch at the auction?
“I never put a value on these things – it’s worth what people are prepared to pay,” she said.
“That said, I am asking people to bid fiercely for it.”
The Bloomhill Cancer Race Day, which features the auction, takes place at Corbould Park on Sunday.
For more details visit www.bloomhill.com.au or call 5445 5794.