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  • Last updated:
  • 16 Dec 2019

Sunshine Coast Council is one of the largest governments in Australia and a diverse workplace with many opportunities.

In mid-2016, 82% of our employees responded to our biennial employee survey and the results illustrated that our workforce is driven, satisfied and proud to be working at council:

  • 88% "I am proud to be working here"
  • 86% "Overall, I am satisfied with my job"
  • 89% "My work group has a strong customer service culture
  • 86% "Sunshine Coast Council is committed to high standards of performance"
  • 79% "I have a strong sense of belonging to Sunshine Coast Council
  • 83% I would recommend Sunshine Coast Council to my family and friends"
  • 87% "Sunshine Coast Council provides for the health and wellbeing of employees"



The Sunshine Coast Council Corporate Plan provides values and behaviours that shape how council work as an organisation. With this plan council recognises the importance of its people and identify actions to demonstrate that recognition.

People Strategy

Council’s Organisational Climate Survey 2016 has provided rich and valuable insights to council’s organisational culture and identified major areas of importance for its workforce. These are:

  • providing career development opportunities
  • commitment to health, safety and well-being initiatives
  • promoting the SCC values and recognising achievements
  • providing for work/life balance.

Council's People Strategy 2017 - 2019[4413KB] aims to position our current and future workforce to be safe, well-trained, inspired and motivated.

Recruit, retain, develop and inspire.

Flexible working conditions

Council appreciates the importance of a healthy work-life-balance. Achieving balance in your life is vital to being a productive and happy employee. Council offers a range of work options which assist with meeting the demands of modern life. Some of these include:

  • rostered day off or flexi time
  • working from home
  • part-time work
  • graduated retirement
  • career breaks.

Performance Management and Learning

Council wishes for its employees to develop personally and professionally and to contribute to a great working culture. Council promotes employee performance management activities to assist employees with its strategic direction. These activities highlight areas for professional development and growth. Employees may access:

  • funding and support for vocational and trade qualifications
  • study assistance for tertiary studies
  • in-house training
  • external training
  • work placements and project work that helps to build skills.

Health and Wellbeing

87% of our employees agree that Sunshine Coast Council provides for their health and wellbeing (2016 employee survey). 

A FRESH approach to wellbeing (Fit, Relaxed, Energised, Safe and Happy) is council’s initiative to promote good health and wellbeing throughout the organisation. The initiative aims to improve employees overall health and wellbeing and supports a range of health and wellbeing programs. These include:

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • FRESHminds - Mental health program
  • Fitness Passport Gym/Pool Membership
  • Annual flu vaccinations
  • Quit Smoking Program
  • Corporate volunteering program
  • Lunch ‘n’ Learn wellbeing seminars
  • Private health insurance offers.

Gender Equity Program

Sunshine Coast Council is an equal opportunity employer that values cultural and physical diversity.

Council has been awarded a silver certificate under the 50:50 Vision Councils for Gender Equity Program which sets targets for improving workplace equity. The award reflects council’s commitment to gender equity and the spirit of its workforce.

“Approximately 150 new employees join Council every year.”

50 50 Vision Councils for Gender Equality Silver Award

Employee Code of Conduct

Council's Employee Code of Conduct outlines the standards and behaviours that guide the way employees approach their work. This document forms part of the employment contract.

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