Stephanie - Tourism and Major Events
  • Last updated:
  • 04 Oct 2019

Currently, I am studying a dual degree comprising of a Bachelor of Business Management and a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management at the University of Queensland. With my graduation date in sight, I felt the need and incurable itch to gain workplace experience in relation to my marketing and tourism majors.

I came across this opportunity looking for career-related jobs, and applied despite my doubt on gaining the position. Before I knew it I was working for council, and felt the position gave me the chance to give back to the Sunshine Coast and contribute to the great work that this organisation does for the region.

Through the internship program I have been exposed to the inner workings of council’s Tourism and Major Events team and the high caliber of expertise they have to offer. I have a passion for the tourism industry, with an aim to ensure a strong, beneficial relationship between tourism and event offerings and the region’s offerings. In turn, this aligns strongly with the purpose of the Tourism and Major Events team’s work, and I found myself with a multitude of projects from different team members working towards this goal. This internship has provided me with the opportunity to develop industry connections through these projects as well as gain a deeper understanding into the career options that were previously unclear till now. Throughout the entire internship I have found the opportunities extremely rewarding, as I put years of learning into practice with the help of strong mentors. Not only is the team incredibly great at what they do, but they also want you to learn and are more than happy to help you achieve this. Experiencing business operations has undoubtedly provided me with new insight into the industry that I wasn’t able to attain through university studies. Additionally, this internship has unveiled the immense number of events happening throughout the Sunshine Coast region, and ultimately speaks for the fast-growing popularity for the Sunshine Coast as a tourism and major events destination. 

The My Summer Workplace Program is a sensational chance for university students to dive into the tourism and major events industry and to work alongside excellent industry professionals in a nurturing, supportive yet challenging environment. You won’t regret this opportunity!