Abhi - Customer Service and IT Delivery
  • Last updated:
  • 04 Oct 2019

I am Abhi and am currently working as an intern for Customer Service and IT delivery at Sunshine Coast Council. My professional interest in computer networking began when I was in high school. I have recently completed a Master’s degree in IT from Charles Sturt University and also possess an undergraduate degree in Bachelors (Hons.) of Computer Networking and IT Security from London Metropolitan University. After working one and half years in enterprise support,  I decided to leave for Australia to pursue further studies and joined Charles Sturt University. Other than networking, my interests include Home Automation Systems. My final year project “Automatic Door unlocking via Bluetooth” for undergraduate got selected for the final year project expo.

With the My Summer Workplace internship coming to an end, I feel really proud of myself and can stand out among my university friends. Although it was just a three month internship, I got to learn new and interesting things which will definitely bring a positive impact for the start of my career. I am really thankful to council for providing fresh new graduates with this My Summer Workplace internship. Not only do we get to put our university theories into practice but we also get to introduce ourselves to the real-time scenarios and workplace environment. I especially felt it was really a good experience working for council, being an international student I got to share and work with a vast multicultural team.

Finally, I would like to thank my work buddies Peter and Jake for guiding and supporting me throughout this program. It has made my networking skills stronger to initiate my professional career. They have been great mentors and tutors and have always kept me on the same page while working on the projects. Some of the projects that I have been involved with the council during my three months are:

  • Migration to Cloud
  • NBN Rollout
  • Switch Replacement Program
  • Network Cabling Refresh

I aspire to pursue a career as a Network Administrator. Besides my professional life, I enjoy playing soccer, hiking and travelling.