Kimberley – Manager’s Office
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Aug 2018

I have studied a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Resource Management and Biology at the University of the Sunshine Coast. 

I was undertaking a voluntary internship as part of my degree when I found the My Summer Workplace Internship advertised on the university opportunities page. I immediately read through the description and felt I should apply. Having almost completed one internship, I knew the value and opportunities another internship would provide. However, I didn’t quite expect the scale of an internship for council or the number of applicants that would apply. I remember making it to the group interviews and feeling that even if I wasn’t offered a position, it was still a great achievement to make it to this level after over 200 people applied. I truly believed the experience of participating in the group activities and unexpected one on one interviews were very valuable learning experiences for me whatever the outcome, and I was delighted to have made it that far. To then later learn I had been successful was both exciting and daunting, as I had glimpsed the calibre of the many candidates. I knew I had to really look to the skills I had learned through my studies and initial internship experience to make the best contribution to the team I was to be a part of. These skills were important too for enabling me to maximise the further learning from the opportunities I would encounter while working as an intern in such a dynamic and productive environment.

The practical experience gained through this program has definitely contributed greatly and improved my work skills. It has been amazing!  While this internship was not heavily aligned to my field of study, I have enjoyed working with the team I was a part of and the projects I contributed to. My supervisor has encouraged me to participate from day one, while also being a mentor and friend. Everyone I have worked with has been very welcoming and friendly. They all have a large workload but are always available to lend a helping hand when needed and this has given me chances to learn and grow.  The whole experience has provided me with the opportunity to learn new skills, gain real-world experience and expand on my knowledge and attributes in a supportive learning environment where I have felt valued.  Through this positive work culture I have made some good friends, been challenged and further built my capabilities. I feel confident the experience of being an intern has really enhanced my employment chances for the future.

Working with council has been an amazing experience and I would highly recommend anyone interested to take the opportunity to apply.