Emily – Business Solutions
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Aug 2018

I have previously studied a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Journalism and Art History, but am also currently completing a Masters of Management, majoring in Finance at The University of Melbourne.

During my time at council I worked with the Business Solutions and Capabilities team in Digital and Information Services to develop agile architecture solutions that engaged emergent technologies for various areas of the business. 

The team really welcomed me into the fold and allowed me to work with them on a wide variety of projects. I worked on building solutions architecture and analytics for the SCC App, a Trails development platform, a Cryptocurrency project, Living Lab experiments and the 2018/2019 Horizon event. I gained great exposure to the different areas of business that council operates in and also honed my skills in data analysis, analytics and project management. I also picked up new skills such as developing solutions architecture under the agile methodology and gained a deeper appreciation of the value of emergent technology and how it can be implemented to solve real world user problems.

 A highlight of this internship for me was gaining exposure and hands on experience working as a consultant and the day to day work and activities this kind of role encourages. My background is in corporate financial services and prior to this position, I worked at a hedge fund as a financial analyst so consulting was definitely a step outside my comfort zone. Working with the Business Solutions and Capabilities team over the summer afforded me the opportunity to explore this career path, acknowledge that I would like to work on more projects that have an emergent technology slant and ultimately pursue a career in the management consulting field.

I didn't expect to gain such a deep understanding of local government operations however thanks to the wide variety of projects I worked on, I am now walking away with a wealth of new knowledge about the public service sector and specifically, the integral role council plays in maintaining the Sunshine Coast. I think that the MSW program is a really unique opportunity to get outside your comfort zone, ask lots of questions, experience a new lifestyle, make new professional connections and lifelong friends. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone seeking to broaden their work experiences.