Cameron – Engineering & Assessment
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Aug 2018

After nearing the final few weeks of my civil engineering degree, I was searching for professional practice when I came across the My Summer Workplace program. I initially hadn’t thought of completing an internship, nor working for the council. However, upon digging deeper into the opportunities it presented it seemed like an invaluable opportunity to develop my professional skills and I was over the moon to be offered a position within the Engineering and Environmental Assessment team.

Throughout my short time working in council, I have gained knowledge and transferable skills that have far exceeded my expectations. Although my internship was engineering based, I was pleased to be involved with the landscape and ecology team and their work within development applications as well. The main highlights of my time within council would have to be the various site visits I undertook and being able to complete my own development assessments. The ability to be able to go out on site and solve engineering issues first-hand was very satisfying and enlightened me to the unique relationships the engineering and landscape officers have with developers and contractors. Completing real work in such a supportive team made coming in each day very satisfying and has opened my eyes as to how local council operates.

The main projects I was involved in were assessing operational works applications against a range of codes, policies and standard drawings and determining whether an approval, refusal, or request for information was to be issued. The over-arching nature of development applications means my engineering knowledge has been expanded and I now have a broad understanding of the factors to be considered when designing a new development from a consultancy point of view. The skills I have learnt in my time here have complemented my university studies and provided me with important corporate experience that simply can’t be learnt in a lecture theatre. Much to my surprise, I have used Microsoft Excel repeatedly throughout my internship and am now confident in utilising its many functions to improve the accuracy and efficiency of my everyday work.

I have learnt a great deal in these past twelve weeks and this transition from university has developed my skills in a way that allows me to commence my professional career on the ground running. My passion for engineering has strengthened over these past few months, which I have to thank my mentor Rob for. His constant enthusiasm and eagerness to teach me is what made me realise I am in the right profession and what a great environment the council is to work within.